May 2015

What a busy month has passed competing, training and working. Fun busy times. The opportunity to train Sport Pistol has been fantastic, and really makes me understand why I love this sport of shooting.

With selection for the European Championships getting ever closer and the opportunities for two GB qualification scores to be attained at two different competitions, time is of the essence. With very few competition opportunities there's no room for error which really puts the pressure on. Especially when all you want to do at the beginning of the season is develop your skills, and after this comes match tactics.

Our first domestic competition of the season was cancelled in March due to the range not functioning, (really not helpful!) so April saw my first two competitions at Bisley. Closely followed by another in Hannover Germany.

At this point (2 months into the season) my skills are getting honed in the right direction but there's now need for match tactics to come into play. At the end of the day, you only win on the day of competition-not at your training ground.

Training at the Tunnel Target Sports Center, Dorset. Now able to train there as of end of March.
Training at the Tunnel Target Sports Center, Dorset. Now able to train there as of end of March.


June 2015

May 2015 culminated for me at the Channel Islands Open Pistol Competition, where I won three Silver Medals! There was still plenty of room for competition improvement, which has continued to fuel my enthusiasm and determination for perfection.

I stayed out in Jersey after the competition for a few extra days training, in order to make good use of the great shooting facilities. This was hugely beneficial due to the quality coaching and range facilities that the mainland UK doesn't have. This was slightly cut short as a result of the poor weather and ferry conditions. Whilst out in Jersey, I was asked to appear on BBC Radio Jersey, which was a great privilege. Jersey's sporting enthusiasm is ramping up, as the bi-annual Island Games prepare to descend on the island for the first time in 18yrs at the end of June.

The Channel Islands Open competition was a preparation event for the Games.


April 2015

With focus on my main event, Sport Pistol, training is on schedule. GB Team selection has changed by British Shooting to needing two qualifying scores at different competitions to be eligible for selection to World Cups and the European Championships. These competitions are all before June/July.
Having done two training camps, and Friday / Saturday training to prepare for our first Trials matches at the weekend, you can understand my disappointment when these were cancelled due to the range breaking!
Trying to remain positive I look towards Hannover at the end of April, where the range will certainly work to German precision and I'll have an opportunity to gain one of the two qualifying scores needed by British Shooting.
It's at times like this I really appreciate the support of Helpful Holidays, when even my country is making life difficult for me to represent it!
I was very proud to be asked to attend the Devon Winter Schools Games recently, where I encouraged young people to work hard to achieve their dreams and raise their aspirations. People can't deny my dedication and commitment to training surely!?


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