April 2015

With focus on my main event, Sport Pistol, training is on schedule. GB Team selection has changed by British Shooting to needing two qualifying scores at different competitions to be eligible for selection to World Cups and the European Championships. These competitions are all before June/July.
Having done two training camps, and Friday / Saturday training to prepare for our first Trials matches at the weekend, you can understand my disappointment when these were cancelled due to the range breaking!
Trying to remain positive I look towards Hannover at the end of April, where the range will certainly work to German precision and I'll have an opportunity to gain one of the two qualifying scores needed by British Shooting.
It's at times like this I really appreciate the support of Helpful Holidays, when even my country is making life difficult for me to represent it!
I was very proud to be asked to attend the Devon Winter Schools Games recently, where I encouraged young people to work hard to achieve their dreams and raise their aspirations. People can't deny my dedication and commitment to training surely!?


March 2015

My focus is turning to Sport Pistol, as the spring / summer time fast approaches. The British Squad have just received great news that the Tunnel Target Sports Center near Charmouth have been reissued with their licence for Section 5 pistols. This means I can train in Dorset with my Sport Pistol, rather than only at Bisley. This is fantastic news, as only with training do you improve and it was the Home Office didn't renew the Tunnel's Section 5 authority after the Olympics.
It's still tricky to shoot either at Bisley or the Tunnel as you need the right people present, but it's a start!
I'm looking forward to my first Sport Pistol competition this season at the end of March. This will be at Bisley.
(This picture was taken at the Aquatic Center in London, where I was there representing British Shooting at an Inspiring Women into Sport and Sports Jobs. An initiative supported/run by Clare Balding. An inspiring venue that brought back some fantastic memories of London 2012).


February 2015

Doing it on the day, when it counts - that's what it's all about. Training is all about improving your physical ability and mentally delivering this ability when it matters. The British Pistol Club Championships were a prime example of my solid recent performance, finishing in 2nd Place on both days. Whereas the British Championships, not quite so much! But it's what you learn and how you move on. Trying too hard in competition is easily done, and doesn't help!!
The winter Air Pistol season is all good preparation for my preferred Sport Pistol event. Training has started with this and I'm really looking forward to what the season has in store.


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