RIAC-Luxembourg (Dec 09)

RIAC - Luxembourg

December 2009

The journey to and from Luxembourg will be one I shall not forget for a while. Travelling from London City Airport was a first for me and in comparison to ten days previously, when returning from Sydney-Australia, a very different experience. The plane was smaller than your average bus, but got us to Luxembourg safely. Arriving to a temperature of -15oC meant I was experiencing an approximate -55oC swing in temperature! Even the brass monkeys were wearing jumpers!


(Gorgs, Hannah Polak, Vicki Mullin, Geri Buckley)

Training went well on the Wednesday so I was prepared for the following three days worth of matches.

I successfully completed the qualification sections of my first two matches in 5th and 6th places respectfully. As a result, on both days I gained invaluable ‘finals’ experience and maintained my position. The large Russian Team (three in each discipline), were at RIAC in force and had dominated the whole competition from the outset.

The climax of the competition came on the final day, where the Ibis Hotel sponsored the days’ matches. I held it together till the end to shoot a very respectful 381/400 and go into the final in 1st position.

A single point covered the top three competitors, myself and two Russians who had been victorious on the pervious days. This being the last final of the competition was a nail-biter, with Gorgs taking on the Russians! But just being ‘pipped to the post,’ the two Russians live another day and I claimed bronze. Look out 2010!

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Debatably the biggest task came the following day. The adventure home! With the severe minus temperatures, snow and blizzards our small budgie bound for London City had long delays. As the weather slowly cleared, our transport became visible from the unexciting Terminal building. After boarding the plane and waiting for a further numerous hours, we were one of the last aircrafts to depart from Luxembourg. Touching down I negotiated the DLR/underground with all my luggage. Rearranged coach and Parental Taxi service down, I set foot back in Devon as the sun was almost rising!

But with a very worthwhile competition under my belt, it was home for a very Merry Christmas and look out the world for the 2010!

Results: RIAC Air Pistol 1, RIAC Air Pistol 2, IBIS Cup